Positive Kalonji Oil | Botanicals | (200mL) - POSITIVE

Positive Kalonji Oil | Botanicals | (200mL)

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The Positive Kalonji Oil is extracted from Cold-Pressing of pure Kalonji Seeds procured from the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India. The History of Kalonji Oil dates back to our ancient Egyptian period, where it had been used for multiple purposes. We cold-press High Quality Kalonji Seeds and bottle the oil in its purest form , in food grade recycled plastic bottles. All batches under the Positive Kalonji Oil are FSSAI approved and can easily be trusted for edible purposes.

✔️ Zero Paraben, Mineral Oil, Harsh Chemicals

✔️ Guranteed Results

🇳🇪  Proudly, Made in India

What does it do ?

Hair Growth

Recognized as an ingredient of exceptional all around the world, it promotes the growth of young, new and stronger strands.

Nourishes Skin

Avoid using harsh chemicals and get rid of acne and blemishes by using a few drops of Kalonji Oil.

Overall Wellness

Can be used as a dietary supplement for weight management and getting rid of lethargy.

Joint Pain! What’s That?

Can be consumed every day to ease muscle and joint pain.

Controlled Blood Pressure

Regular intake of half a tablespoon with warm water can keep high blood pressure in control.

Stronger Immunity System

The strong immunity all of us have been longing from for years now, can now be attained, with regular intake of Kalonji Oil

What We keep out

Key Ingredients

Pure Kalonji Oil

Pure, Raw and Potent. Sourced from Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh Also known as Habbat Ul Braakha (seed of blessing) Kalonji Oil has been known as “CURE OF EVERYTHING BUT DEATH”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Kalonji oil can be used in multiple ways, viz:
Hair oil : directly apply as a normal hair oil. Massage the scalp and extend to the lengths. Keep for 30 minutes (overnight recommended) and wash off with a mild, sulphate free shampoo
Weight management/immunity : mix 1 tbsp of the oil with 1 glass of lukewarm water and enjoy the benefits of this miraculous oil
Skin moisturiser : always do a skin patch test. Just pump out a few drops of the oil and apply directly on the desired area. Let the oil soak. If you have dry skin, you can always use a steamer to open your pores for a better moisturising experience.
Yes, this oil is 100% safe to eat. It comes with a fssai licence, given by the government of india.
Black seed oil also known as kalonji seeds, are known for various benefits since its day of inception. On regular usage of the oil, benefits like acne control, weight management, diabetes management, eases joint pain, controls headaches, healthy hair can be easily attained.
Kalonji oil, is an oil procured by cold-pressing methods of kalonji definition, when we cold press kalonji seeds, this means, we separates the outer shells and fiber of the seeds from the actual oil inside the seeds without any heat. The machine chews and crushes the seeds and produces the oil.
Pure kalonji oil means that it remains free of any cheap additives. This also means that the color of the oil remains in its most purest and natural form, i.e dark brown color.
According to a source and study conducted, the oil procured from kalonji seeds are considered of a much higher value then its seeds. One can use the seeds as well, but in order to attain or enjoy better results, one must opt for pure , cold-pressed oil.

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