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Positive Castor Oil | Root Therapy+ | (200mL)

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Positive’s Castor Oil is Mother Nature's purest gift for its children; bottled it in its purest form for you. Castor Oil has, for ages, been known as a multi-purpose oil. The efficacy of this oil can be retained only in its pure form. By sourcing Castor Oil in its purest form and from the most potent source i.e. from the Castor seed found in Gujarat, POSITIVE makes sure that you get castor oil from Nature's lap as-it-is.

✔️ Zero Paraben, Mineral Oil, Harsh Chemicals

✔️ Guranteed Results

🇳🇪  Proudly, Made in India

What does it do ?

Strong & Thick Hair

It is rich in Ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, components known for boosting hair growth and improving the quality of hair

Smooth & Moisturized Skin

Perfect blend of essential fatty acids and other nutrients that are proven to restore the elasticity and natural balance of our skin

Cracked Heels

Apply Castor Oil on cracked heels before going to bed at night is sure to leave you with smooth and crack-free heels due to its rich properties

No More Chapped Lips

It works as an excellent pre-applicator if you have chapped lips. Just rub it on to your lips before applying a lip balm and see the magic - plump and moisturized lips.

Bye Bye Stretch Marks

Omega-3 fatty acids, known to reduce stretch marks, are a key constituent of POSITIVE Castor Oil. Together this is associated with damage due to stretch marks.

Strong & Long Nail

Fatty acids are known to add strength and shine to nails.It eliminates the dead skin cells and harmful elements present under your nails.

What We keep out

Key Ingredients


Pure, Raw and Potent. Sourced from Gujarat.
The Positive Castor Oil is free from any additives. Castor Oil is extracted from Castor Seeds through cold-pressing method and is bottled for you in its purest form

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For Skin

For Hairs

For Edible Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply this hair oil by either applying directly to your scalp with the help of a cotton swab or , you can mix 1 part of a castor oil to two parts for coconut oil (to improve consistency) and apply on your scalp. Massage gently on the scalp and then extent to the roots. Leave for 30 minutes (overnight recommended) and then wash off with lukewarm water
Castor oil is a great remedy to strengthen and grow more eyelashes. Just take a few drops of castor oil in a deep bowl and dip your mascara wand in the oil. Get your eyelashes moisturised and go to sleep. Apply for at least 30 days to start seeing results
If you’re applying on your hair, apply twice/thrice a week. If you’re applying on your skin or any other body part, you can apply everyday too!
You must try using castor oil for four weeks before moving on to something else. Expect results in about 4 weeks of regular usage.
The positive castor oil is extracted from roasted castor seeds, unlike any other castor seeds. When roasted castor seeds and cold pressed, the potency or the effectiveness of the oil is considered of a much higher value than those of normal hair oils. Not just this, we procure our castor oil from the most purest source in india, i.e from gujarat
Not all plants are good for you. Plants can be toxic too! When it comes to castor oil, it is considered of a higher toxicity when consumed orally.
This oil contains 100% pure castor oil. Pure castor oil has a strong and pungent smell. If you find any castor oil with a mild, flower fragrance, then it is not considered of the highest quality and has added fragrance

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