Our Story

When Tanisha started facing severe hair fall after using her 'natural hair oil', Akshay could not see her in pain. Relentless research revealed that the oil was laden with harmful chemicals. To put an end to her pain, both Tanisha & Akshay, traveled to different places to procure natural ingredients in their most purest form. After burning the midnight oil, they were ready with a natural, edible ingredients based solution, which worked out for Tanisha. They together launched Positive to spread their message - Apply what you eat


Why ❤️ Positive?

Straight from the origin

We use purest ingredients from the most potent sources

Backed By Science

All formulations are approved by state -of-the-art labs

Non Toxic Natural Ingredients

Our products are made of non-toxic natural ingredients

Trusted by 1Lakh+ Families

Supported by 1lakh+ customers with delightful experience

Manufacturing process

Collection of Ingredients

Samples of potent ingredients are sourced & the best ones are finalized

Product sampling

Sample batches are prepared using the finalized ingredients

Quality check

Product samples are sent for thorough quality checks in different laboratories


Post feedback and changes, the product is sent for stability check (45 days)

Composition stability checked

Product finalized and stored in a stability chamber for 45 long days

Packaging & Launch

Stringent stability tested batches are finally packaged & launched in food grade bottles/containers

People behind Positive

Akshay Dua

(Founder & CEO)

An experienced Affiliate Marketer for 9 years. Akshay's skills revolve around growth hacking, Branding, Digital Marketing and Online Sales Generation.

Tanisha Pant

(Founder & CMO)

Tanisha is a 3 year experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with her skills ranging from, brand development, product launch strategies, Team Management, etc.

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